Friday, March 5, 2010

The Avenues........

The Avenues is part of 'Addison' Development within the Papakura district for which we have been supplying WE-EF ASP504 lanterns with either HPS or MH lamps for the past few years. However the Avenues was a different brief from the developer and it was to supply the local council with  a less maintenance requiring,lower energy consuming, more sustainable product. Part of this we could carry out almost straight away with our ex stock ASP 530 IP66 lantern (assembled in New Zealand) fitted with the Philips new generation 60W metal halide lamp which covered the first two parts of the request.

The last part of this challenge was the column, well not for very long, as we new of a supplier that manufactured 95% recycled aluminium inground columns that had a 40 year design life, this worked well with our WE-EF lanterns that are also recycled marine grade aluminium making this a very sustainable product for the Developer and Council. And for that we would like to congratulate both, the Developer for having the courage in pursuing what they wanted to achieve for very little extra cost, and the Council for seeing the potential saving that could be obtained over the expected life.    

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