Monday, August 30, 2010

Bringing Colour to Dunedin!

Last week, our South Island Team, from Mark Herring Lighting put on a great colour lighting demonstration  at the Historic Dunedin Railway Station. We can't say that this treatment would be 'advantageous' for this amazing historic building, but as a canvas for providing education and illustration of what can be achieved with coloured light- it was fantastic! This turned out to be great night- thanks to all that attended! (and Trevor even got his picture in the paper!)

Mysterious Shadow People.

Kumi Yamashita has a secret power. She can place wood or metal objects in just the right light to make mysterious shadow people show their true selves. The genius of it all lies in the fact that without the lighting and shadows the objects would never give away her secret. These surprising silhouettes only come out when beckoned to do so.

The original article about the artist and the full article with more of her works can be found here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Color Kinetics in Christchurch!

Mark Herring Lighting (The Modus Agent for the lower South Island) hosted a fantastic customer event last night. Introduced by the Mayor, Bob Parker and based around a product seminar and lots of hands on equipment in and around the Christchurch Town Hall, the evening was well attended by the local specifier and design community.

The temporary displays really highlighted what a bit of colour can bring to this iconic building and it's surrounds.Watch this space for some more colour in the deep south!

Waiuku Stage 2 - a little bit bent!

The redevelopment of the Town Centre continues using the WE-EF Eyris luminaire with 140W HIT-COS and the RBL bracket for the main lighting. The pedestrian crossing areas have been enhanced with the use of the WE-EF Ceon Luminaire.

 A very unique architectural column design  has been utilised for the Town Square incorporating WE-EF PFL 230 c/w 45W HIT-COS, as well as using the FLC 141 70W HIT spot light c/w snoot concentrating the light on the clock face of the tower, quite radical for Waiuku!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wine bottle light.

Found this great little DIY lamp/lighting idea in my internet travels last night. So if you want a day long project and can picture one of these in your house then go for it, we all love the DIY.

The instructions are here

The blog that this comes from is called Wit and Whistle and should be visited for other fantastic DIY projects.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The DNA of LED.

Modus has a long history of taking that hard to build concept for a lighting feature and making it into reality, and that is exactly what we have done here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Library - New Lights - New LED!

Modus Lighting Ltd congratulates the Tasman District Council on the use of the Philips Clearline LED beside the new library, Queen Street, Richmond.

It Lives....

A recent residential project Modus Lighting has been working on with the renowned architect Richard Furze (of TV fame) has included a mixed bag of Modular Lighting fixtures including Downut, Lotis, Square Moon, Gutter, Duell. But centre piece and by far the lighting feature is an organic cluster of Modular IZAR Moodswing RGB LED fixtures. Construction is nearly finished and we will post some finished pictures but as an appetizer we show the recently installed IZAR's.... tre' cool....

"Change is the essential process of all existence" Spock - Star Trek

Modular Lighting Instruments have just unveiled Spock........  until recently interior LED lighting has generally not been able to meet the illumination requirements of architects, designers and end users, retro-fit and "patchwork" LED solutions have been predominant in interior LED luminaires.

But changing technologies can now offer more advanced solutions.........

Spock is something completely different – a fitting designed as an LED luminaire with a unique aesthetic driven by technology with an unrivaled performance.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Modus Lighting now Tweet controlled.

A while ago now we had the privilege to supply a full LED colour changing system for the Sky tower to illuminate from the observation decks up.

Just last night Skycity started a program where you can text in what colour you want the LEDs to show. Go on give it a go!

Originally reported by Close up on TV one here

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Modus on the Move!!!

Everybody at Modus is starting to get excited that we will finally be moving to new premises, and putting the last memories of the fire behind us. 

The new premises at 8 Canada Street Newton are the complete antithesis of our current 'temporary residence'. Designed by Wingate and Farquhar, it was described in Pro-design Magazine as a 'Rare Beast'.