Friday, February 26, 2010

sem·a·phore (sěm'ə-fôr', -fōr') an apparatus for conveying information by means of visual signals, as a light whose position may be changed

Splore is an outdoor festival devoted to art, culture and community in the stunning Tepapakanga Regional Park just outside of Auckland City.  Alongside an impressive musical line up the bi-annual festival includes live performances, a variety of workshops and an art trail including site specific works throughout the site.

The Semaphore Glade shown in these photos was a temporary structure built onsite at the festival last weekend to act as a meeting point, a thoroughfare and a shelter.  The pavilion was created by the designers of Auckland collabrative Dry Dairy whose skills are drawn from the diverse disciplines of Architecture, Industrial Design and Web design. They designed and constructed the large pavilion out of recycled billboard fabric and cardboard tubes from Omni Graphics. 

The underside of each billboard "sleeve" was printed with unique graphics and Modus worked with the designers to internally illuminate these at night using Phillips Color Kinetics RGB LED luminaires to create a softly changing light canopy through the night.

 If you were at the event we'd love to hear what you thought or if you want some more information on the project itself check out the Dry Dairy site......

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