Friday, March 12, 2010

Supreme Court of New Zealand, Wellington

We ef, a well respected exterior lighting provider was utilized for the exterior lighting of the new Supreme Court of New Zealand, Wellington.

The copper facade on the exterior of the building was given a subtle red fleck to imitate the pohutukawa tree which has also been planted around the perimeter of the building. The We ef product ETC 130, (IP68 factory sealed units in both an asymmetric and symmetric wash) illuminates the trees. As they are installed in the main footpath, you may note the use of the Anti Slip Coating -not that it ever rains in Wellington!Xeda step lights from the We ef Modern Classic range were used to highlight the steps and ramps leading up to the entrance of the building.

This was a long term comprehensive project with the Architecture company Warren & Mahoney, Wellington and the Engineers NDY, Wellington. Other Modus supplied products (Modular & ACDC) were used within the interior, but during our photographic sortie, the intense security discouraged us from venturing inside: we only wanted to photograph our products, not end up being photographed ourselves!

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