Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Waiuku Stage 2 - a little bit bent!

The redevelopment of the Town Centre continues using the WE-EF Eyris luminaire with 140W HIT-COS and the RBL bracket for the main lighting. The pedestrian crossing areas have been enhanced with the use of the WE-EF Ceon Luminaire.

 A very unique architectural column design  has been utilised for the Town Square incorporating WE-EF PFL 230 c/w 45W HIT-COS, as well as using the FLC 141 70W HIT spot light c/w snoot concentrating the light on the clock face of the tower, quite radical for Waiuku!

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Anonymous said...

the lighting poles don't work in a small space and in relation to others which are straight. It's an architectural disaster.