Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Change is the essential process of all existence" Spock - Star Trek

Modular Lighting Instruments have just unveiled Spock........  until recently interior LED lighting has generally not been able to meet the illumination requirements of architects, designers and end users, retro-fit and "patchwork" LED solutions have been predominant in interior LED luminaires.

But changing technologies can now offer more advanced solutions.........

Spock is something completely different – a fitting designed as an LED luminaire with a unique aesthetic driven by technology with an unrivaled performance.

Comparable Homogeneous Light.  With a luminous intensity of up to 1000 lumens the light output of the Spock is comparable to the widespread classic halogen spot of 50-75Watts, however it is available in both 3000K OR 4000K.

Beams.  To offer the optimal light in the home or office Spock is available in 2 different beam angles.  Light is focused via a lens into a powerful beam with an angle of 32deg or 56deg.

Thin Housing. The thin LED housing with a cross section of barely 12.5mm contains 16 high quality LEDs, aligned flat toward the outer edge of the circumference so that they are concealed from the eye.

Foot, Track & Wall.  All three versions of the fitting are available in Black and White.  The whole base of the fixture is attached to the surface in all versions so that all elements are neatly concealed.

Invisible LED Source.  The detailed position of each of the LED sources underneath an engineered mirror reflector ensures that the diode itself is invisible.

No Visible Cable or Wiring. The ingenious design of the Spock luminaires has been refined to the last detail with not a single lead showing – either on the rotating LED disc incorporated into tan attractive chrome plated ring hinge, or at the mains connection at the base of the fitting.

Photo-biological Safety.  Thanks to its large emitting surface the discs lighting is less intense and therefore not harmful to the eye, a problem that has frequently plagued previous LED sources.

You can download the full SPOCK catalogue, or check out some more of the new LED range by Modular Lighting Instruments at  If you would like to see the Spock fitting for yourself, give us a call and we can bring the future of lighting directly to your office.

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