Thursday, August 19, 2010

The DNA of LED.

Modus has a long history of taking that hard to build concept for a lighting feature and making it into reality, and that is exactly what we have done here.

The picture above shows about 8 meters of a total of 60 meters of LED panels we have manufactured for a new installation at the University of Auckland.

Spread across 4 levels of a 5 level building the panel uses 5 different colours built into individual panels of up to 3 meters then assembled on site to form continuous runs of up to 16 meters.

With a perfect uniformity of colour and clear crisp edges from one colour panel to the next and ample light output from the 14.4 w/m LED strip used top and bottom this large lighting feature is an abstract representation of a photo of DNA that you probably saw sometime in the 1990's

Check back in a while and we will have pictures of the full installation up. In the mean time if you have a lighting feature which is looking to be a challenge then get in contact, I am sure that we can help you create in reality whatever your imagination has dreamt up.

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