Thursday, July 1, 2010

Emission trading scheme


Like it or loath it, it's here.  With the ETS now passed into law and a cost now associated with carbon emissions of $12.50 per tonne, anything which causes emissions into the atmosphere has either just gone up in price or shortly will.

While Modus can't help you with your petrol bill, we can help you with reducing your electricity bill.

Modus have already been involved in a number of projects were energy usage and efficiency have been a prime concern for the client, we can help you with everything from energy audits to retro fitting of existing installations and new installations compliant with NZ legislation.

Interior or exterior, we can find a solution which meets your needs, and better still, we can show you the return on your investment in terms of direct money savings for you or your client.

If you are having concerns with a new installation your designing or have been asked to audit a current building/installation I am confident that there is someone here at Modus who can help you.

Drop us a line at any time, we are here to help.

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