Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There's been a lot going on....

We're back into lighting up the architecture and structures that make up New Zealand's cities, businesses, landmarks and homes. There's lots of exciting projects in the pipeline, and some great new ideas, products and technologies on the way this year.

But there has been a lot going on at Modus HQ in Mt Albert in the past few weeks.... After the initial shock at the loss of our factory, warehouse and offices it was immediately apparent that there was an awful lot to do.

The week after the blaze most of us were back at work - all be it not in the way we expected when we left for our summer holidays. Everyone pitched in as we worked to salvage what we could from the destroyed building, some of it irreplaceable parts of Modus Lighting's nearly 30 year history. Gumboots, gloves and the most flattering cover-alls available (modeled here by Chris H, Tom and Brian) replaced usual work attire in the first few days back.

At the same time there was a huge ammount of work going on behind the scenes  to ensure that our temporary diggs were up and running with the essentials and that all the required systems were in place so we could get back to buisiness.

The remnants of our old building will soon be bulldozed down.  Since the end of that first week or so we've been working from our fantastic temporary space in an ex-sewing factory.  We're on the same site and we have lots of room and light along with a renewed energy for the future.

If you are passing St Lukes pop in and see us for a coffee in our new space!

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