Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Looking Good At Pegasus!


The Pegasus development has been a huge multi stage residential lifstyle development, just north of Christchurch City. The latest stage to be completed is the 'Yacht Club' area, complete with We-ef ASP 500 Luminaires, with 60W Philips Cosmopolis lamps and We-ef decoartive aluminium and wooden Columns

The ASP500 is state of the art in exterior road and area lighting combining a range of high performance optics inside a decorative styles IP66 body. This product was especially designed by We-ef Thailand for New Zealand, and is now being assembled in Auckland by Modus Lighting.

Modus' Christchurch distributor, Mark Herring Lighting, has put plenty of work into the Pegasus project, working with the engineers, architects and urban planners and designers to assist in making sure that this development is a modern and efficient as it can be, and when the result looks this good, I think everybody can be impressed!

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