Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wintec winner

Last night Tania and I ran a lighting trial in Hamilton using Philips Color Kinetics LED & We-ef HID fixtures on the exterior of the (under) renovated Wintec building in Anglesea St. This old building is under going a major face lift, being gutted and rebuilt as the entry point to the Wintec campus.

This old building holds some memories for me as I used to attend 3 week block courses as part on my electrical trade training.... back in the 'good old days'! I did not learn much but had a hell of good time!

Anyway, as usual the PCK products were fantastic and we concentrated on the architectural features in the entrance, using a variety of wash and backlit effects to dazzle the assembled Architects, Wintec Management and various passerbys.

Tania was very proficient and professional in detailing the various effects and issues, whilst I dutifully acted as a pillar or a windowsill and various other architectural add ons!

Issues such as vandalism, wiring access and continuing building development will all add degrees of difficulty to the final design, but that is where Modus people like Tania really add value to projects. We look forward to developing our concepts further and finally nailing a PCK project in Hamilton!

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