Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whatever the weather.....

Let me tell you about Chris Huff.... Chris is an industry legend and a stalwart of Modus Lighting! Our latest large project is currently being installed and commisioned at the AKL War Memorial Museum (keep an eye on the museum, night of 30th Oct...!). The great thing about Chris is he can be relied upon to do the job, no matter what the circumstances, problems or issues that confront us.

A case in point is todays efforts on top of the museum, addressing the 200 odd Color Kinetic fixtures.... If you can recall, we are in the midst of the coldest October for many a year, rain and wind barely nudging the temperature above freezing. But a job has to be done... so who you gonna call??...

So in pouring rain, wind and cold, Chris was out there commisioning the lights and meeting the clients deadline....what a guy.

But seriously, this is the sort of thing Modus staff do all the time and we consider it part and parcel of the service we offer.  And how did we do on the project.... see for yourself next time you take a night time drive around the museum!

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