Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A new dress for the 'Grand Old Lady'

My last post described the sort of difficulties we have to overcome as part and parcel of our job.... but last night was the reason why we do it...

Chris Huff, Maryanka van Schaik and myself spent a good part of the night helping commission parts of the Museum's new Philips Color Kinetic LED exterior lighting. The effects we gain from PCK LED products are stunning. Combined with the expertise of a leading international lighting design team, lightemotion, the result is stunning.... and that is just in the default 100% RGB mode. Once we add colours to the lighting scheme, it will be sensational. We would love to add some photos and show you some of the results, but perhaps it is better to wait for the unveiling....

Still some work to do, some more late nights to be done but we relish the opportunity to work with great companies like Allendale Electrical and learn new lighting techniques from experts like lightemotion.

Makes all the difficult days (and nights) worth it!

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