Friday, March 4, 2011

The screens we will all have tomorrow

Everyone has an LCD, heck you probably have 3 or 4 in your house. Your TV, laptop or PC monitor or all. The above is Fujitsu's take on what you will all have tomorrow...

Fujitsu's showing off a working prototype of a 22-inch computer display that receives both images and power wirelessly, the truly wireless monitor. Yes, that includes the power cable as well! "The screen gets power using a magnetic induction transmitter, which you would have built into your desk. The video itself would be transmitted from a wireless USB connection from up to 32 feet away." The prototype is currently on display at the Fujitsu booth in the Dealers only section at CeBIT 2011. Pricing details are expected at launch...


Cory said...

Can you see this bringing any tangible benefits to either consumers of businesses.

In the workplace, we already have cables and infrastructure in place for our screens... removing them for the monitor only solves a small piece of the puzzle.

I can see massive benefits for the home market... moving the screen from the lounge to the kitchen etc... but not if you need a wireless power transmitter installed under every surface?

Thoughts Nathan?

Nathan said...

You do raise some good points there Cory, traditionally speaking business' have always been slow with technology uptake. Look at XP it is 10 years old and still installed onto new workstations everyday. So workplace penetration will be slow/nonexistent.

But there are some areas were if you couple this with current emerging technology things get interesting. Take touch screens, if you had the ability to simply lift your screen off the stand and lay it flat to then "draw" on it I am sure that a lot of creative industries would be ecstatic with this, I am specifically thinking of architects, graphic designers, artist etc.

Only time will tell how well this does. Things which seem outrageous today are often common place in a few years, especially when dealing with technology.