Friday, June 18, 2010

Think Led Lighting is complicated? Think again …

Everyone is talking LED and on the evening of Thursday 20 May 2010 our Philips Color Kinetics Light Show saw us light up the St John’s Heineken Bar in Wellington.

The event was well received - Wellington City Councillor, Celia Wade-Brown says “it was most impressive …I can’t walk/cycle/drive past St John’s without remembering how exciting it looked with the wash of lights!”, not only for the beautiful rainbow effect and highlighting of the building but for the numerous other benefits LED’s have e.g. energy efficiency, environmental safety, long lifetime, durability and no emitted infrared or ultraviolet radiation. This makes LED/s an ideal choice for many applications.

LED’s are transforming the way we think about light and the use of light. LED systems make it possible to use light in ways that were previously impossible and have transformed lighting practice.

LED systems allow light to enhance the form and feeling of architecture and public spaces in a new way by offering effects we have been anticipating for many years but could not achieve, by integrating into architectural components, replacing conventional lighting and offering an extensive palette of colours and effects, about 1, 000, 012.

Already Modus and Philips Color Kinetics LED Systems have been selected to light some of New Zealand’s most recognizable buildings including …

• The Sky Tower, Auckland
• The Oamaru Opera House
• The New Zealand Maritime Museum
• Auckland War Memorial Museum
• Deloitte Sky Catcher
• KZ1 – The Big Boat
• Santa

Can you think of any projects or buildings her in Wellington that could be enhanced by the use of Modus and Colour Kinetics LED Systems?

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