Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Linear Enlightenment

Actually embedding luminaires into the very fabric of a building as an integral part of the structure is a unique approach to assimilating lighting into a space.

We love the way that Terrior Architects have employed this approach in a recent project at 88 George St in Sydney.

The result is lighting that not only illuminates the space but adds to the architectural surfaces of the building as a part of the built structure. Klik Systems custom manufactured recessed lineal fluorescent luminaires for this project that sit flush with the cast concrete construction.

With continuous streams of light the result is seamless geometric slices of light within the solid form that are further reflected within the other materials in the space. Using T5 Fluorescent lamps the lineal systems by Klik are also an environmentally sustainable option - both energy efficient, and recyclable.

Check out an article on the award winning project over at for more info and some more great images.

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Reader from Mt Rascal said...

Fantastic application for this product