Friday, September 25, 2009

Lighting by Collis Studio

We were up at essenze in Parnell last night at the preview of the new lighting by Collis Studio. It was fantastic to see the full collection by Peter and Julie Collis installed within a gallery environment by night.

The finished products are definitely sculptural light "objects" - not just luminaires. The depth of the woven glazed layers of paper clay and Egyptian paste and the geometric patterns of the Waka Lights especially were beautifully highlighted by the soft light. 

It was lovely to see the largest Waka Wall Light sitting along side the striking vases that inspired it. I can't wait to see this luminaire installed in a commercial space or hotel. A substantial piece at approx 1.2m long it floats off the wall on a hidden stainless steel bracket. There is a soft internal light from a concealed fluorescent lamp that gives a warm moody glow, combined with a functional uplight hidden in the top ceramic face that provides indirect illuminance through an even and directional wash of light over the ceiling above the luminaire.

The engineering team at Modus did a great job of creating the custom manufactured functional lighting components that offer the effect required without dominating the delicate ceramic forms.

You can see the full installation of Collis Lighting at the essenze showroom in Parnell until October 14th.... so get along and check it out. 

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