Thursday, August 18, 2011


Here's a sneak peek at exciting happenings at the Auckland's Queens Wharf "Party Central" fanzone for the Rugby World Cup 2011.

The hospitality "cloud" on Queens Wharf will host 6000 revved up rugby fans come kick off time in three weeks. Managing the night exterior environment will be no small task with the widely varying needs of entertainment venues, transit ways and pulsing social spaces.

Dynamic digital lighting with selective switching, dimming, fading and sequencing is all possible with Philips Starsense outdoor lighting control and monitoring system from Modus.

Large scale theatrical scene setting to create atmosphere and and conviviality for revellers...on-demand high intensity lighting for security and policing, all are at the fingertips with this groundbreaking control approach.

"Adaptive lighting" that moves on-and-off, up-and-down according to the need is nowbecoming a mainstay for progressive exterior lighting systems world-wide. Orchestrated by advanced software and communication systems a PC control "dash-board" facilitates the real-time selection and monitoring of a wide range of technical, environmental and financial parameters.

Municipal managers and event planners have never before had such flexibility at their fingertips. Modus is New Zealand's number one in the application of advanced exterior lighting and control systems.

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