Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's been a busy month for our favorite Belgians with more new lighting from Modular just released...

"The circle, the purest geometric shape, turns the versatile Flat Moon into a simple, basic lighting element, which supplies uniform, subdued light to large surface areas. A lamp that bathes your interior spaces in a diffused white light, like a full moon shining in the heavens."

Characterized by great lighting performance and elegance of form, this easy-to-fit fixture with its integrated ballast makes it suitable for use in a variety of spaces looking for an energy efficient pendant with the complete flexibility of dimming the light within the space.  Under the aluminium housing - in a black or white textured powder coat finish, Flat Moon conceals a set of dimmable, low-energy fluorescent lamps and an integral ballast. 

Thanks to its high performance and discrete appearance, Flat Moon sits in well in offices, hospitals and public spaces, as well as in shops and private homes. It can be used as a direct down-lighter or as an up & down-lighter. In the latter setup, it provides a handy combination of indirect and direct lighting.  There is also a lovely recessed version where the fitting is worked completely into the ceiling.

For more information on the Flat Moon luminaire, or anything else from the Modular range please give us a call.

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