Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Meet Scotty...  just released into this world by Modular.

Designers Courvreur & Devos have worked with Modular to create an architectural luminaire that gets back to bare basics - an asymmetric rotating, homogeneous light source combined with an ingenious hinged joint enhanced by some perfectly executed details.  Wiring and hinges are integrated seamlessly into the design creating an eye catching, refined luminaire that is able to blend into the architecture of each space.

In the past few years technology has changed at an incredibly fast pace - especially in the lighting industry - and Modular are at the front of the pack when it comes to new lighting generations for interior spaces with their LED architectural luminaires.

Spock, the first luminaire in this range released last year has paved the way for the latest addition.  The cutting edge technology packed into this flat LED disk means that the elegantly shaped Scotty and Spock offer the same luminous intensity as earlier conventional halogen light, but are much kinder to our planet and our wallets in terms of consumptions and lifetime.

Download the catalogue or check out the mini-site or check out our YouTube channel for a neat little mini-movie.....

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