Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home projects.

The cabinet above is a home project which I have just finished last weekend. I made it on a bit of a whim, it has integrated mains voltage power (8 points total) and is being used to house my old game consoles, record player and VCR.

I made it from a sheet of 16mm MDF which forms the main structure of the cabinet and I then skinned it using a sheet of 3mm MDF, the curved outer corners are 60mm radius and were bent using a technique called kerfing.

This is the first wet spray that I did, I couldn't afford the good two pot epoxy paint, so I used a mid range enamel over undercoat.

All in all I am really pleased with it, I probably should have done more prep work to get a better finish, but we live and learn.

The bellow is a picture of my next furniture project. Its for storing all you chargers away out of sight while still having them handy to use.

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