Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hanami - event idea.

Hanami is the Japanese word for "flower viewing" or specifically it is a type of picnic which is held in the early spring where a group of friends has a picnic under cherry blossom trees.

A massive yearly even in Japan with performers, food stalls and even light and heaters for hire to ward off the night time chill. I have the good fortune of knowing a few Japanese people and was lucky enough to be invited to a Hanami right here in central Auckland.

Where do you find a grove a flowering cherry trees in Auckland? There just so happens to be a grove in Cornwall park which is currently in flower. So if you are looking for somewhere to take the kids on the weekend or just want to go for a twilight walk now that its daylight savings time follow the map below to a fairly well kept secret in Auckland.

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Anonymous said...

I've had chance for Ohanami in Japan on several occasions and it is amazing. Would certainly love to participate in NZ so will have to keep my ears open next spring. Cheers