Wednesday, September 22, 2010

LED handrail - ledpod, simple handrail lighting.

Handrail lighting has traditionally been hard to specify, difficult to install, costly to purchase and costly to maintain. Easily damaged linear fluorescent systems have been the most popular, often requiring a secondary rail to be installed below as the lighting rail does not meet the relevant standard.

The video above shows a new patent pending system by our supplier Klik.

As you can see from the video it shows the basis of this system which allows the handrail manufacturer to focus on the manufacturing and the electrician to install the completed lighting system easily and simply all in a single handrail.

Using a Cree LED (3000 or 5000K) with an expected 50,000 hour life, glass asymmetric lensing allows the LED to be mounted pointing straight down, which reduces glare, unit visibility and maximize the use of the light produced by pushing it out onto the stair treads.

When mounted at 600mm centers in both handrails 1.8m apart and 850mm from the surface, this system produces 200 lux in the center of the stair treads.

The system is run from a single 24V supply mounted at the head or foot of the stairs from which a cable is run down the handrail, onto this a current limiting driver is clipped for each LED so if a single unit fails it doesn't cause failure of the entire chain of LEDs.

Being IP66 rated also makes this system suitable for outdoor or wet areas, the system can be fitted to any round hollow rail from 38-62mm O/D.

The ledpod system has great implications and uses for area were mounting of traditional lighting may be difficult, unwanted or near impossible. If there was a bridge spanning a void in an atrium the ledpod system could be used to provide functional lighting if no overhead structure was present for example.

The ledpod system is simple for the architect, simple for the handrail manufacturer, simple for the electrician, simple for the maintenance staff and is competitively priced.

The ledpod system is ready to ship now, we have a sample available should you wish to view it, and we would love the chance to come and talk to you about this exciting new development in handrail lighting.

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