Friday, April 16, 2010

Modus Lightings New Meeting Room/Showroom

If you scroll back through the Blog entries you will note that just prior to our devasting fire, our Auckland office had completed a 'makeover' of the old showroom and meeting area.... we were very proud of the facelift and very disapointed that we couldn't utilise the space for presentations, meetings and training.

One of the priorities identified by Management for the temporary building, was a meeting room and presentation area... problem was we had no room available and did not want to spend money on what was going to be a temporary space.

Our solution was to close of an area in the basement (previously our toolroom!) and set up a temporary meeting and presentation room.

As you can see from the photo's, Robyn has done a fantastic job in delivering a funky, edgy but functional space that we are pleased to use and bring clients, suppliers and staff to.  A feature of the space is a fantastic canvas by Matakana artist Virginia Leonard.... it has created a fair bit of debate from staff, which is the very reason it was chosen!!
We look forward to showing clients and visitors what can be done on a meagre budget and the great effect achieved through indirect light sources.

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